Woefuldane Organic Cheese

Woefuldane Organic Dairy, Minchinhampton: Melissa Ravenhill.

The following are all aged cheeses, made with organic milk from a heard of Shorthorn Cattle at Woefuldane Dairy. They are very distinctive and reliable cheeses.

A golden cheese with blue marbled through out. Excellent balance of creaminess and tang. A favourite at markets and at the shows:

1st Three Counties, 2010

Reserve Champion Three Counties 2010

Gold, British Cheese Awards 2010.

This is a delicately smoked Dunlop cheese. Colour becomes golden. Matured for three months before smoking at the Severn and Wye Smokery in the Forest of Dean. The dry texture of the cheese means that the lovely aroma of the smoking can really be enjoyed.

Best New Cheese 2005, British Cheese Awards

Gold – British Cheese Awards 2005

2nd Three Counties Show 2010

Exclusive to Woefuldane Dairy, Forester is matured traditionally in cloth to produce a supple protective rind. This unpasteurised cheese has a mild, yet complex flavour when young, maturing to a full flavour and ‘bite’ at about six months.

Silver and Bronze at World Cheese Awards 2011 and 2nd at Three Counties Show 2012

A young, fresh-tasting yet surprisingly creamy cheese. Single Gloucester is made from the full cream milk of morning milking with the skimmed milk from the evening’s milking, making it a cheese with a lower fat content.

1st Three Counties Show, 2012.

Double Gloucester made in a village overlooking the City of Gloucester, to an ancient recipe, with organic milk, this cheese gives you the true taste of ‘Double Gloucester’. A naturally rinded, unpasteurised cheese with a wonderfully mellow yet flavourful character and rich buttery yellow colour to brighten the cheese board.

1st Three Counties Show, 2012.



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