Other Local Produce

Of course its not only Cheese that comes from our super local dairies! Athelstan Farm Food also offers a fine selection of other milk made products. Ceri Cryer from Brinkworth Dairy also produces yoghurt and ice cream - perfect now that we are heading into Summer! We also offer eggs and a Cotwold liqueur - a perfect accompaniment to our stunning selection of cheeses.

Natural Yoghurt

Thick set, mild and creamy yoghurt in 500 ml size cartons.



Ceri's cream is totally delicious and is perfect for pouring over your puddings this summer! The cream is made on a Friday morning and delivered to Jolly Nice the same day...make sure you dont miss out. 

Ice Cream 

Homemade Ice Cream using milk straight from the farm (pasteurised). It is very creamy and totally delicious. And it comes in all of these amazing flavours:

Vanilla, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Ginger, Mint, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peanut Butter, Hazlenut, Apple, & Coconut Straticella

Sherston Free Range Eggs

These eggs come from a really great farm: clean tidy and ‘un-henpecked!. A flock of 2000 birds. The eggs are large with good shells and represent super value for all the love and care that has gone into them:

Also available by the doz / half doz.

Gibsons Liqueur

Gibson’s Organic Liqueur is the perfect accompaniment to cheese; made by Miles Gibson from his own homegrown fruit and distilled in traditional Cotswold barns. The first mouthful has the fruity intenseness of a whole punnet of raspberries or blackcurrants. A glass with cheese or a little drizzled on pudding makes the perfect end to a meal. £13.75 a bottle; 35cl; 16% vol. Gold Medal Great Taste Awards 2012




‘Straight from the Farm’