image-1.fwAthelstan Farm Foods was established in North Wiltshire in 2010. In April 2017 it was taken over by Neil Robyns.

Where it all began...

Athelstan Farm Foods is seen by both the producers and the hospitality trade to be an indispensible link.These local Handmade Cheese from family-run dairies are brought directly to the local eateries, so that  guests and customers can enjoy eating some stunning cheese that they won’t find anywhere else. We go to three dairies (See Local Dairies) to obtain the range of cheeses that are local and distinctive but also provide a great selection on a cheese board (For the full selection check out the Local Cheeses). All the cheeses are special and are good to talk about, whether it is because of the latest prize they have won, or a because they are based on a special recipe passed down through generations, or adapted from a French equivalent.Looking forward to the future, the demand for local produce including cheese is becoming more and more, every pub wants to boast their support for the local produce and few food miles. We can safely say that our customers are supporting the local rural economy and AFF is the essential link. The business is expanding and we are venturing further to enable AFF to bring you a wider selection of cheese.  For example we hope soon to be selling traditional Mozzerella, made from traditional Water Buffalo milk from a herd in Hampshire only 50 miles away. Watch this space for more delicious cheeses in pub near you!  



‘Straight from the Farm’