An evening of Racing and Cheese!

On Thursday 5th May, Sophie and I jumped into the van and set off for Wincanton Racecourse. The sun was shining, the horses were gleaming and the ground was perfect. What better way to spend a glorious evening...but what has this got to do with cheese I hear you say..?? 

During the evening meeting, as well as top quality racing and a live jazz band we were part of the Mini Cheese Festival. Wincanton racecourse is  located in the heart of Somerset, home of the cheddar cheese. Our fellow stall holders boasted some of the countrys favour cheddars, Godminster, Lykes, and Barbers. But we flew the flag (and our new banner!) for our fantastic cheeses from Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. 

The Brinkworth Blue was our best seller, but the Somerset racegoers were delighted by the selection of cheeses from another county. Between each race, we had a flurry of customers, some lucky enough to have won on the sucessful horse and jockey and eager to buy cheese - much less of a gamble and garenteed deliciousness! 

As the evening drew to a close at 9pm, we loaded the van and began our journey home. Now dark, we could no longer see the stunning Somerset countryside. 2 hours later, and a mile from home the AFF van began to tire. The engine light came on. Pitch black, Roger (potential rescuer) in London, the van juddered. "COME ON VAN" Sophie and I both cheered. More spluttering from the van. We crawled to the junction, now less than 200m to home. We debated abandoning the van and walking home, but another rev and we rallied a bit further. The van was really not feeling well and collapsed across the driveway. Thank goodness we were home after our exhausting journey. A cup of tea and a nibble of cheese, the van could wait until tomorrow...



‘Straight from the Farm’