Summer has arrived!

Its the 1st August tomorrow, the sun is shining and its Friday after a busy week at Sunday Hill Farm! The new Athelstan Farm Foods van has been travelling in all directions over the last couple of weeks having had very busy start to the summer season. 

Roger, Sophie and the children enjoyed 10 days in beautiful Italy so I was in charge of Scrutopia and all its belongings. The hens, the horses and most importantly the kitchen garden! I hadn't done the full AFF route yet this week but my journey took me around the the stunning Marlborough countryside including the Pewsey Downs to the hidden treasure that is Honey Street Cafe, and also Avebury community shop, where the van decided it was tired and didnt want to go home yet. After a short break I continued on and got home safely, PHEW! 

The Chippenham route, although you visit some of the best farmshops, deli's and restuarants in town, is fine except for the numerous roundabouts which if you are accidently in the wrong lane take you in the completely wrong direction...

AFF provides quite an adventure, and it all starts on a Tuesday morning. Chefs and store managers get their orders in before noon so that we can place the orders with our suppliers. I had been to collect from the Old Cheese room at Neston Park and from Ceri just 3 miles down the road but whilst Sophie was away I had to take a visit to Karen and Roger Crudge just outside Burford and also to Avril and Julie at North Cerney. I had no idea what I was looking for, and it amazed me when I found them. Firstly Crudges produce their cheese at Kingham Green, the farm there is undergoing total renovation and the old farm yard is now offices and meeting rooms. Roger and Karen and the only agricultural business left there. Cerney Cheese is made in an old methodist church up a very narrow and wiggly hill in North Cerney. Avril and Julie are tucked away and unless you knew where to find them, you otherwise wouldnt be able to! 

The deliveries are the best part of the week, its such fun visitoring all our customers in the natural environment. My favourite delivery of the week is to Jolly Nice at Frampton Mansell. They have the most delicious ice cream!! 

I was planning to take AFF to the Heart FM Family and Food Festival at The Manor, Castle Coombe this weekend just gone. It was a chance for me to experience my first market style event with AFF but due to the down pour of rain(much needed for the Kitchen garden) the event was sadly cancelled. The next festival at The Five Alls - a producers market in September. Look out for us there....

I hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays and eating lots of cheese! 




‘Straight from the Farm’